Southern Florida Roofing Trends

Roofs. They are the foundation of your home and something you do not want to think too much about. 

However, you may have a roof that is aging. Or, you could have just bought a home with a roof that does not fit your style or your needs. 

The roofing industry is worth over $26 billion in the United States alone. 

If you are someone that has property in southern Florida, you may be thinking about what type of roofing works best for you. Here is your guide. 

Lighter Colors 

It is no secret that southern Florida is one of the hottest parts of the United States. This is so much so that snowbirds tend to retreat from the northern half of the country and come down here for the winter. 

Given that it is so warm down here, homeowners may make extra efforts to try to keep their houses cool throughout the year with cooling roofs. One way they can do this is by choosing the right color for their roof. 

If you choose a lighter color, such as white, your roof will not absorb as much heat as a darker color would. Essentially, you can save yourself the time and money to try to counter the outside temperatures. 

More Sustainability 

Another thing that homeowners may be more conscious of in 2023 is how sustainable their home is. While it is trendy, there are actually financial benefits to having a green home as well. 

The biggest financial benefit is that it can save you money on your energy bill. Green roofs do not require as much energy as traditional roofs. Therefore, you can use your roof to your advantage and provide natural energy to your home. 

You can do this by installing a metal roof that can absorb that energy for you to use. 

Protection Against Storms 

Finally, with global warming becoming a bigger and bigger issue, homeowners and businesses need to prepare for the worst. In southern Florida, the biggest natural disasters tend to be hurricanes. 

Considering how much rain can fall and how high winds can become during these hurricanes, it makes sense to want more protection. Therefore, homeowners and business owners may ask roof installers to have more resistant products for their roofs. 

An example can be asking about shingles. These property owners may want the shingles that are most resistant to hurricanes in case the worst happens. 

Get Help With Your Roofing Needs 

These are just a few roofing trends that you are seeing in southern Florida. Homeowners and business owners want lighter colors on their roofs to help with the heat, they want sustainable homes to try to save money on the energy bill, and they want more protection against natural disasters like hurricanes. 

If you account for all three of these, you can have a pretty good roof. 

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